Thursday, April 20, 2006

ISB first week

This place has an awesome campus and even more awesome people. The first thing that hits you here is how everyone is always so ready to help and even readier to do it with a smile. The first week was induction, and was really hectic...we had two parties in the first week itself. They know how to work hard and party harder :) They have team building activities in the first week,and outdoor activities. The first party was by the alumni for us. Since the weather here in Hyderabad is really unpredictable..its scorching one moment and raining the next..we had an unplanned rain dance,and man,was it awesome... The parties typically go on till 4 in the night :) The most surprising part is that the next day you see everyone bright and early at 8 in the morning for the day's about Insomnia :P The alumni are the best I've ever met and the most helpful ever ..that's how I hope I'll be in a year's time..... Oh yeah, my studio overlooks the Microsoft building and this is how impressive it looks !!!