Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dazed days....

I am currently on a career "break".....which means I spend the day somewhat like this...

- Get up really late
- Log on, read blogs, read mail, search for weird stuff  like cupcake companies, music bands short of vocalists and spanish websites. Mail random people asking for discussions of business opportunities (mostly noone replies...)
- Early early lunch...
- sleep, again....power nap after all the web surfing
- Tune the guitar, get distracted and record karaoke, play the guitar, get distracted by 2 yummy looking recipe books, ogle at the pictures
- Drink tea, go for a really longish swim....plan the rest of the day while in the pool
- Come home, promptly forget the plan, watch NCIS, CSI and Las Vegas episode re runs
- Dinner
- Chat with friends, apply to totally inappropriate jobs, register to weird mystery shopping and free lancing sites
- Sleep peacefully over a day well spent doing nothing at all....

Sounds like a busy day eh? Nothing's achieved out of all the jumping around and distractions....and that makes it extra satisfying!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Just found out that Google Analytics has arbitrarily marked Arunachal as well Kashmir and Jammu as disputed and no longer a part of India.
Apparently people are trying to get them to notice it for a year, to no avail....

If google wants to be so politically correct, shouldnt it atleast show Jammu, the non PoK part and Arunachal as a part of India? How the hell did it just bump off the whole area?

And why isnt our government noticing? Oh wait....right, they're too busy filling their gobs with greens......

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of Dreams & Wishes...

I dream a little dream
of strange and beautiful lands

I wish a little wish
of knowing who I am

I pray a little prayer
that though I dream and wish real hard
May what's really True in me,
guide me gently with It's hand.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More cakes.....

Coffee & chocolate chip cupcake

Whole wheat banana&blueberry muffins

Strawberry and Vanilla Marble Cake

Pineapple Delight

Friday, April 15, 2011

Everything's that going wrong.... 2011...

- The Tsunami in Japan...catastrophes anywhere are never fun....

- Pawar being linked with every single scandal ever, but still gadding about free

- The metros in bombay(yeah, BOMBAY....what you gotta say to that eh?) that are never ever going to be completed, because all the money's vanished in the blackhole. It's a strange phenomenon....I call it the "unending pocket of greed"

- Pawar....again, just so that everyone knows what I feel about him....he's got 9 lives me thinks, and he uses each to reduce our lives to half...

- Pani Puri scandals....I mean really????? Just coz you have a hose, doesnt mean you water everything in sight....(I just managed to gross myself out with my own comment)

- MNS finding a reason to rampage, be it for panipuri or taxis or whatever

Frankly I dont think we really need a 2012, we will manage to kill each other sooner I think.....

Monday, April 04, 2011

Dulce de Leche..

Ive always wanted to make this, but I'm scared of exploding cans and kitchen messes. It also takes a huge amount of cooking time, and I have no patience for caramelisation that takes more than half an hour.

Thankfully I found a simple recipe which uses a microwave and takes less than 15 minutes at Cooking for Engineers. Now I'm a little wary of microwave recipes because most of my stuff never turns brown in there. So I started with just half a can and a shallow glass pie dish, but at the end of twelve minutes I had a beautiful sticky caramely dulce de leche. It's very simple and the recipe at this site has a step by step breakdown and I no longer have nightmares of bursting cans and blistering condensed milk all over the kitchen!!

Just one note, after the milk gets a curdled look, I found it more prudent to check up on it and whisk it after every minute. Also using a fork is better, all the leche got into my whisk and stuck there. I had to pry it out! And eat it, because it was in the whisk. made sense at that time....