Sunday, January 24, 2010

My experiments with .....cake!!!

Somebody forgot to tell me that challenges are called challenges....coz that's what they are....
You don't mess with them, and you don't take them if you can help it!!
Well, like I said, nobody told me...though they did hint that it wouldn't be easy, when I said I'd provide the cake for K's b'day party...(she turned 3)

The rest of the story in bullet points(cant help it, it's the MBA in me..)
1. A week to decide on the shape
2. 3 days to decide on the perfect recipe, that would yield the perfect firm cake, with no crust, and that would be easy to shape, but still spongy enough to hold any syrups i subjected it too, and be good enough to eat
3. 45 minutes of crazy whipping of butter and sugar and eggs and all things good and fattening

4. 15 minutes for the cake to bake!!!(I'm still in shock that it took only 15 minutes!!!!)

5. 3 and a half hrs of frosting to get a passable blue elephant!!!!