Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nothing quite elevates... Chocolate, especially the dark, melt in your mouth and transport you to enlightened places variety.

So obviously, for my mom's b'day, it had to be chocolate, and rich and sinful at that...

It then took me a week, to get to the exact recipe I wanted(at this point its wise not to mention that I changed it entirely at the last moment and didn't use most of the ingredients I had shopped for)
I dont remember which recipe I finally modified, but I did end up making something a little different, and surprisingly the cake turned out really moist and dense, though ofcourse it might have something to do with the entire bar of dark chocolate I forced the batter to consume!!

The layers are stuck together with apricot puree( idea blatantly stolen from sacher torte) in effect, it looked beatiful, tasted really quirky(and heavenly) and I'm still boasting about my skills ;)

Here goes -

[I have the modified recipe written down for anyone crazy enough to want to make it....but since it isn't a food blog; atleast not yet;it doesnt make much sense to put it up]