Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wow...we have one of these too...

Finally tomorrow it's my day..

Apparently 13 th Aug is Left Hander's Day!!!!!!

I'm celebrating by getting up on the left side of the bed tomorrow!!!(Well....beware...)

Face Off

The war has begun....between me and Corp Fin.....and right now I'm definitely not on the winning side..
Today's paper felt like one of our Karate camps, a brave face and a sinking heart at the sight of the morning jog trail...
I have no knack for this,I mean I'm neither a CA nor gifted with the brains of Einstein(though I doubt he would have grasped it either). I've realised one thing that hard core techies at heart are not meant for understanding the vagaries of money. We see only two cash flows, either a green one if in IT or in pennies if in research.
So where's the incentive for us to discount anything at all? I have lived for most part of my life without calculating NPVs of companies I worked for, and I don't think I did real bad there, so why should I want to divide everything in sight with powers of some mean little discount number?
But then that's something I cant do much about, and I have to learn to live with Corp Fin,the brigt side being, its only two more weeks, and after 2 weeks I'm going to make double sure that I forget every darned thing about it, after all my peace of my mind is the only thing around here that deserves a huge NPV...