Monday, July 19, 2010


I went a little crazy then, lost a bit of faith
Every time I had my chance
I threw it all away

And now I stand at an untouched place
The wind my body sways

All I have is this moment
The rest fades with the day

Friday, July 16, 2010

Princess in the tower...

They say I don't say too much, that my heart's sealed in a box,
I say I had the key to it once, but he burnt it down to dust;

They say I stay in a fortress, why don't you come down to play
I say I pulled 'em walls down once, but he stole everything away;

They say I have no feelings, why don't I see how life's so fair
I say look, look down dear friend, Someone's walked on them all the way;

They say why don't you fall in love, that love is here to stay,
I say I went there too once, but my baby walked away...

Thursday, July 01, 2010

That glass is half full...

5 things that have gone unbearably wrong in this city/country and ways to beat ‘em -

1. 300% food inflation – Come on people, it’s the right time to hit that diet, maybe we could all adapt to living on air (atleast until we start having to pay for breathing), and have those size zero figures we’ve always wanted!!

2. Increasing real estate prices, additional levies to be passed on to the consumers – Buy a nano, stay in it!! In any case the fuel is too expensive to drive it anywhere.

3. Dug up roads, half constructed metros blocking roads, holes the size of meteor strikes – this is the right time to start your own loss making business venture, and stop travelling to work. Why loss making? Read on….

4. Direct Taxes, hidden taxes, double taxes – See point 3, loss =no tax

5. Increasing petrol prices, increased public transportation costs – see points 2 and 3

Maybe the government should just ask us to handover our savings accounts and assign pocket money by a lottery system, that way they won’t have to bother coming up with innovative taxes...