Monday, January 12, 2009

The Vultures

She looked up at the harsh sky, and saw … vultures….patient; almost as if they were tied into those bare branches they sat on. Rooted by life, but waiting, waiting to get liberated, and swoop down, at the first signs of death.

They looked at her almost spent energy, the last trickles of energy that feebly sustained her limbs. They waited for their pound of flesh.

She knew they didn’t want the whole of her, just enough to assuage their hunger, and that thought made her laugh…. how petty to sacrifice a whole person, for a few bites of sustenance.


Aadil said...

reminds me of the daaku Jageera from China Gate ..

'chakku chhuriyaan chali nahin, ke karne lage kaain kaain'

Rujuta said...

which means ive failed at what i really was trying to say :)

ivanhoe said...

Heartwrenching...however,'d like to believe that the vultures were disappointed!

Rujuta said...

I'd like to believe that too :))