Saturday, January 31, 2009

Travelogue - Diweagaar

Random notes -

26 th Jan:

Pit stop@ 8 am Karnala- Had d most mindblowing maharastrian bkfast of xplosive misal,alu wadas and sweet fresh tea. @ "kshanbhar vishranti"(we spent more thn a kshan(=moment in marathi) here) karnala. Totally recommend 4 d alu wadas and d stinky garlic chutney. Topped it wid groundnut chikki. Ooh baby,it rocks 2 start d day on an unhealthy note!!

12.46 pm Diweagaar- Checkd into a bright blue and red appetite 4 food.just half a sandwich and chips.looks like i got suckered into a pilgrimage!3 stops.3 temples.there go my dreams of plonking myself on d beach.wot d hell is d name of ths resort?its got a mansize pool and no food or soft drinks coz a lotta ppl ate and drank over d weeknd.

4 pm.harihareshwar - mandir. Saw some beautiful glimpses of d sea on d way. The pradakshina is from outside d temple,like in ganapatipule.nd it culminates into hauntng rock formations and untamed sea.inspired.and refreshed by an assortment of healthy drinks and kunda.yumm.very konkan.

7 pm. - random long stretch of beach a little way off srivardhan.huge stretch ending on both sides mystically into dark rocks and thick trees. Breathtaking.and very very chilly.

27 th Jan:

8 am -beach at diweagar.the walk to the beach was long and beautiful. we were of some entertainment value to the localites in our beach attires and beach bags. the beach rocks!! spent a whole 3 hrs tryng 2 swim.thoroughly njoyed! 6 extremely salty and sticky people in extremely high spirits!!

2.15 pm -leavng diweagar.after a very authentic lunch of rice bhakri and usal and aamti fry nd curry in my jeeju's case.picked up some mango and jackfruit stop pali.

4 pm -pali.thts our is also one of the ashtavinayaks.bright green serbet and hot pakodas and we're on our way bk 2 bombay!

8.17 pm-abt 2 reach.and everyone is super cranky! 6 hrs 5 adults and a boisterous kid in one car....

In all....a very nice trip, though I'd love to concentrate solely on the beach sometime later.....


Practical Preacher said...

rocking snaps. ur photography is much better than your writing. Lol. :D

Drop all those other ideas and become a photographer.

Rujuta said...

I'm good na :)))

There are more from where these came ;)