Friday, May 26, 2006

Small talk before the lecture...

Crazy conversation-
Me. Any idea what we need to do as a part of LDP tommorrow?
G. Do you know, we have to run tomorrow as a part of the LDP
Me . Why tomorrow, why cant they keep it after the exams,I'll run all they want after the exams.
P(In true managerial style). Don't overcommit...
Me.(make a face...i'm getting good at making disgruntled faces) seriously,anything as long as is after the exam..
P.Maybe they will make us shift the farmer and the bull(or cow or wotever ) outside the reception to a new place
Me.!!??!!(that was one more meant 'wot the f#$%')
G.what nonsense
P.Arey it is not as heavy as it seems,its made of wood
me.huh?( i think i've lost the thread and the purpose of the conversation already)

P continues with some story about the by now much talked about bull/cow/wotever, and how it was picked up in some market by someone...
I feel the pain of the poor wooden farmer standing night and day trying to stationarily till the grass outside the reception...

Suddenly activity behind us, the lecture's over, and so is our conversation..the LDP working in teams is still shrouded in mystery....will have to wait till tommorrow...

Mental note...I'm forever grateful to the person who invented the 3 dots in written communication, as in '...'.It makes for uninterrupted flow of thoughts,and arbit blogs

Monday, May 15, 2006


I wish people would
1.stop spamming with silly surveys
2.stop mailing the surveys to the profs,with extremely erroneous conclusions...the survey conclusions are totally wrong,if it qualifies as a survey in the first place....
3.stop being mean , that too on public mailing lists...I mean if you don't like the font, why tell all of us...
4.stop negative campaigning..
5.and basically just leave us alone...we are adults and know how to vote....a party doesnot buy votes of intelligent people....

Friday, May 12, 2006

About CP

Thankfully I don't mean class participation here.We have enough of inane talk in the marketing class.
What I mean by CP is Chicken Pox.Sorry for mentioning the C word here, but thats the most current thing that is in my mind right now ,and the most happening virus in Hyderabad.

If you wake me up at 3 in the night ,I'll immediately go and see I dont have any kind of 'outbreaks'.
And I have started washing my hands as soon as they get dry from the earlier washing off hands procedure.So basically it is the height of paranoia, and I guess I am now doing what is called as 'auto suggestion' ,so i'm mentally itching now :P .

Apparently it is because of the awesome scorching killing heat of Hyderabad, oh man , i wouldnt want to be in Hyderabad and outside the campus in this weather.
But the campus is heaven,and no airconditioner is more than 5 minutes the heat is still ok...

It's funny how I can write stuff about CP when there's loads of work to do, and I couldn't think up a topic when I was idling away at home for almost a month...!!!

Just pray my next post is not about the various lizards in my room(I'm going to charge rent from them now..enough of freeloading..) or the frogs on the lawns..

PS:Please take all the posts with a pinch of salt , I am not responsible for anyone in the animal/viral kingdom feeling alienated. This is not a personal statement, I have nothing against the nice green frogs I don't come across or the lizards outside my apartment.......