Friday, May 12, 2006

About CP

Thankfully I don't mean class participation here.We have enough of inane talk in the marketing class.
What I mean by CP is Chicken Pox.Sorry for mentioning the C word here, but thats the most current thing that is in my mind right now ,and the most happening virus in Hyderabad.

If you wake me up at 3 in the night ,I'll immediately go and see I dont have any kind of 'outbreaks'.
And I have started washing my hands as soon as they get dry from the earlier washing off hands procedure.So basically it is the height of paranoia, and I guess I am now doing what is called as 'auto suggestion' ,so i'm mentally itching now :P .

Apparently it is because of the awesome scorching killing heat of Hyderabad, oh man , i wouldnt want to be in Hyderabad and outside the campus in this weather.
But the campus is heaven,and no airconditioner is more than 5 minutes the heat is still ok...

It's funny how I can write stuff about CP when there's loads of work to do, and I couldn't think up a topic when I was idling away at home for almost a month...!!!

Just pray my next post is not about the various lizards in my room(I'm going to charge rent from them now..enough of freeloading..) or the frogs on the lawns..

PS:Please take all the posts with a pinch of salt , I am not responsible for anyone in the animal/viral kingdom feeling alienated. This is not a personal statement, I have nothing against the nice green frogs I don't come across or the lizards outside my apartment.......


Venkat said...

i think u need to take a chillpill :))

Rujuta said...

yeah, I officially immune now :D

Anonymous said...

i think you are having symptoms of a hypochondriac instead :D

Rujuta said...

with the monstrous fee at stake,id rather be a hypo wotever than in bed!!!

Anonymous said...

Heheh u have a crazy frog there in ISB.
Just Chill mate