Monday, April 04, 2011

Dulce de Leche..

Ive always wanted to make this, but I'm scared of exploding cans and kitchen messes. It also takes a huge amount of cooking time, and I have no patience for caramelisation that takes more than half an hour.

Thankfully I found a simple recipe which uses a microwave and takes less than 15 minutes at Cooking for Engineers. Now I'm a little wary of microwave recipes because most of my stuff never turns brown in there. So I started with just half a can and a shallow glass pie dish, but at the end of twelve minutes I had a beautiful sticky caramely dulce de leche. It's very simple and the recipe at this site has a step by step breakdown and I no longer have nightmares of bursting cans and blistering condensed milk all over the kitchen!!

Just one note, after the milk gets a curdled look, I found it more prudent to check up on it and whisk it after every minute. Also using a fork is better, all the leche got into my whisk and stuck there. I had to pry it out! And eat it, because it was in the whisk. made sense at that time....

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