Friday, February 27, 2009

beautiful caramel

Im suddenly damn kicked about baking, one of my newer whims which started after me nd my sis baked two beautiful cakes for my jeej and niece, complete with icing.
My next experiment was with cheesecake, for which i used ridiculously expensive mascarpone, and made sour cream at home. Turned out a tad bit heavy, but very very creamy, with a perfect base, and perfect color.

So I decided to get away from the usual yellow and chocolate cakes this time, for my sister's b'day.
After a lot of thought, a friend suggested a site which had a recipe for Caramel Cake. One look at the pics and I was totally sold out!!!

With a little help from my mom(I am v scared of hot molten sugar), we threw the cake in the oven. It took almost an hour to bake but the result was mind blowing. I never thought a cake could take in so much liquid!!!!

I got bored with the icing though, so I didnt bother to whip the cream a lot, just added a little icing sugar, gave it a swirl and poured it on the cake, and mom swirled the remaining caramel on it, and added thin almond wafers.

Not bad, eh?( thats the last piece I managed to capture before it disappeared)
PS: I have trained my sights on carrot cake this weekend....I'll try taking better pics this time around

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Guru Uru said...

I am so jealous my friend - this cake looks mindblowing :D
If only I had a slice for my breakfast... sigh ;)

LOVE your site!
Choc Chip Uru