Thursday, January 05, 2006

It's been a long time since I've written stuff here.
I always think getting ideas is the easy part, writing them down is the real thing, because the first thing I have to climb is laziness. I hate putting down the first word, but as soon as I write it ,it's like a cat loose in mountains of fish and rivers of milk. All the ideas want to get printed at the same time, and the end product is normally a very haphazard paragraph,where I'm struggling with the clamour of the words and the ideas. It's like my life, I need to prioritize. But again, what's the point of prioritizing an instantaneous article? After all who would want thoughts to behave as if they are in office?Atleast I think that's the only place where we use words like 'Prioritize'..
I'm reading Frank McCourt's 'Angela's Ashes'. It's got some beautiful excerpts about the author's schooling. I realised that in those times where the world had still not learnt the word 'diplomacy' and were going at war at every opportunity; and Hitler had decided that he needed to kill anything living in sight; the level of schooling was really something that we in our jet age can never expect to reach.
Their methods might not be sound, the schools were not curiosity or children friendly, but they managed to cultivate some great authors and scientists and artists. They were not factories, the professors loved their profession, mainly because they didn't think of it as a profession. It was something they loved and cherished.
They used to cane children with a genuineness of creating someone and something great. The students still remember the poetry and the professor.
Now we have nothing but convenience. We have convenience coaching classes to get that edge. The student listens twice or thrice to the same thing which requires no great curiosity or even average intelligence. We have convenience careers called 'Alternate careers'. Most of them involve looking good and dumb.
Then come the engineers and the doctors.They all think they are the salt of this earth, ask thim who wrote Gulliver's Travels and they'll draw a blank. Ask them to recite a favourite poem, and they'll pass you by thinking that you need to be put in the looney bin.
We have turned into nothing but robots, with only one agenda.Money.That's what has killed humility, graciousness, gratitude and lot of other things. I wish we could go back to where people were important, where parents meant love and not pocket money, where schools made succesful people and not successful careers.
But thats like hoping for earth to be reborn, and like all things good degenerate, the education system is rapidly going down the abyss of money and greed........

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Sumit said...

The views given by Ruj(Author) are thought provoking and they compelled me to think for some moment whether we have really progressed or not in terms of culture, civilization, technology, education, humanity, innovation and so many jargons. Our progress in all these areas has given the back seat to the term what we call as "social interaction". We still respect our parents but the way is different. We cant expect childrens to be the same way what it was 100 years back. They are growing up in different environment where none goes to any paatshala and does seva for teachers throughout the life. And teachers are also no more ideals for students.

Have we ever seen successful people around us? To justify a person successful,his career is justified anyhow.

Now, Junta has learnt to move on. Whataver happens in our lives whether good or bad, we move on. And thats the way our(Indian) societies are getting revolutionized. I am not talking about other nations as I dont know about them.

We have come so far from that barbarism.Do we want to go back?