Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Silly Rhyme....

I wish I were a fish
with fins and scales
I would swim with a flourish
and all the mermaids would pale

I wish I were anything
but a nerd at MSWord
or .Net or java
or SQL or Perl

I wish I were a book
of poems galore
and stories of fairies
and other folklore

I wish I were anything
but a programmer at work
writing silly poems
and posting them here........


Aadil said...

There was a girl named Ruj,
who had a bad case of bluj.
She sat and wrote code,
in a multi-threaded mode,
But now she's bored and confuj.

Rujuta said...

This one's for u..

A Groucho Marx Moustache
and a smile beneath
'Aadil' has his own blog site
and I think think it's damned neat!!!!

Anonymous said...

the two go on rhyming the stuff
the two go on rhyming the stuff
n i don't have a clue abt the poetry !!!

nice rhyme.... ain't it???

i too wish u were a fish
with scales and A fin
but now u swim with MBA ish
ain't it the worst capitalist sin ??

sushant said...

Rhyming her way to glory
Leavin for ISB in an articulated lorry

here's the owner of 27 fins
hail the fish with intellectual violins

sushant said...

Silly rhyme... silly ryme...
what is your name?

reading the words make me believe
you are a grande' dame !!!