Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Imitations...

Its' Sunday. Sin day. When Im at my laziest best.

Also when I get incoherent random urges, to eat Italian food.

So I made pasta...a very healthy wheat pasta with veggies and grilled aubergines.

I then went ahead and dealt a knockout punch to all the nutrition, with a stupendously calorific tiramisu imitation.

I used rum instead of marsala wine, sponge cake instead of ladyfinger cookies, didnt bother to brew espresso, but just swilled coffee granules with rum and cold water and dipped the cut up cake in it.
Also since I try to avoid eggs in recipes where I can, no raw egg white.

Yeah, I can be pretttty lazy and Im sure the Italians out there are not going to be pleased....but I put that thing together in 15 minutes, so time saved is a Sunday enjoyed.

Please pretend you didn't see the cocoa all over the rim...

Yep, we ate almost all of it....

The only problem is I wasnt following a recipe, so I can give only guesstimates for anyone wanting to replicate it

Procedure(serves 2-3)

Mix around a teaspoon and a half of coffee, 1 -2 tsps of rum(according to taste) and a tsp of water
Cut the sponge into medium sized pieces, and dip them in the coffee-rum mixture, and make a layer at the bottom of your serving bowl

Whip 4 tbsps of cream cheese till soft. Add icing sugar(around 4 tbsps?) and vanilla and around a 100-150 ml of cream. Whip the hell out of it until the mixture forms peaks.

Cover sponge with a layer of the cream mixture, then another layer of sponge, and then cream mixture again. Dust top surface with cocoa.

Tip: I had to make the cream mixture for the 2nd layer too as I fell short after the 1st layer. My quantities are what I think I might have used, so even if those are a bit off mark, remember that the cream cheese and cream quantities are kept equal. So if you use 3 tbsp cheese, use 3 tbsp cream

Chill for atleast an hour before serving....

Hope y'all had a relaxing, aimless weekend!!!

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