Saturday, July 09, 2011

When it rains...'s absolutely essential to do two things

Go for a long run in the's exhilarating...
(Make sure you run carefully, slipping is NOT fun, and make sure you wear a windcheater to keep the torso warm so that you dont end up getting pneumonia)

Throw together a hot apple crumble...

Recipe for hot apple crumble...

*I have literally thrown things together while making the apple crumble, so you might have to vary the quantities a bit to get the flavor that suits your taste, especially with the lemon juice and spices. The following recipe is what I estimate the measures will be.

Ingredients(servings: 6)

For the crumble topping -
1 cup flour
1/2 cup butter
a tbsp or 2 of cornflour
2 tbsps powdered sugar

Crumble both flours, sugar and butter with your fingers like making a shortcrust pastry until it forms a grainy mixture, do not knead. Refrigerate till the apples are prepared
* you can also substitute a part of the flour with oats or ground almond to add more texture and crispiness..

3 Medium sized Apples
1-2 tsps juice of a lemon
1/2 tsp very finely sliced ginger(just for sake of a flavor experiment)
1/4th cup sugar(I used demerera)/ honey
Any spices you like with apple( I used cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg)
1-2 tsp butter

Powder the sugar along with the spices
Peel, core, and cut the apples into medium sized pieces, and immediately toss them with the lime juice and ginger to keep them from turning brown
In a baking/glass dish or an oven proof glass jar, put the cut apples in 3 layers and cover with 1/3rd of sugar for every layer

Layer of apple covered with sugar
Cover the last layer with 1-2 tsps of butter and then the crumble mixture
Bake at 175- 180 deg C, until the top mixture is golden brown. Insert a skewer to check that the apples are soft and done.

hot, crisp and fragrant...

Serve hot, with vanilla icecream


LaelShine said...

Running in the rain is one of my favourite things to do!
Sometimes I run with my arms out to catch the droplets. I'm sure I look like a total dork but that's ok, I'm enjoying myself:)

If you can run in the rain you can run in anything, I always figure:)

Rujuta said...

thats true!! Running in the rain requires a lot of focus, and a little bit of the crazy :D