Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Summer treats..

I'm cheating a bit here....I made this for the new year's party, and I always intended to share this with you, but never got around to it. So since I have now decided to put up a post every day, you might see some pictures that arent recent...but since this particular dessert is eaten cold, it's perfect for the summer...

Strawberry and vanilla Pana cotta
Recipe(serves 4):

For the set cream -
300 ml cream
1.5 sheets of gelatin or 1 tsp of gelatin granules
50 ml sugar
vanilla bean

Soak the gelatin leaves or in case of granules, mix them in 1/4 cup of hot water until dissolved and allow it to set.
Meanwhile boil the cream with sugar and the vanilla bean. After the sugar dissolves, remove the bean and add the gelatin leaves (or set gelatin) and mix until dissolved. Pour it in serving glasses and allow to set.

For the strawberry topping:
250 gms strawberries
1 tsp of demerera sugar syrup(boil demerera sugar with half a cup of water until syrup consistency)

Blend half the strawberries in this syrup coarsely. Cut up the rest and mix with the blend.

Put it on top of the set cream and chill further. Decorate with white chocolate shavings. Enjoy!!


Las Vegas Foreclosures said...

Wow that looks delicious.. I'll try that later. ;)

vin said...

good show babe !!!

Rujuta said...

Thanks !! gave me the recipe...just changed a few things :)