Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Me me me !!!!

So since Ive been writing a post a day, and you're reading it, I'm sure you would like to know more about me, and even if you don't, I would very much like to talk about me, so you dont really have too much of a choice there....he he he(evil laughter)

So here are some of my favourite and not so favourite things....

I am Passionate about
- Baking
- Everything to do with music, singing, musical instruments....
- Food
- Brands and advertising

My favourite indulgences
- Perfumes, I love buying different fragrances....my favourite perfume is Armani Code & Obsession Night(CK) for glamorous evenings, DKNY Be Delicious and Moroccan Rose (Body Shop) for the day
- Fossil Watches

I love
- Travelling to see new cultures and places
- The Sea
- a Good trek
- Adventure sports
- Watching crime investigation series on TV
and Outdoors in General

My favorite Work out is
- Running
- Swimming

My kind of movies
- Are either dark, or extreme action , or funny or Bolly masala. I love most movies, except those with excessive violence and torture. I love superhero movies, Car chases, Gun fights and chick flicks and I absolutely hate Ghost and psycho movies.
My current favorite movies are Thor, Inception & Dabanng. My all time Favorites are Swades, Chakh De, Taarein Zameen Par, Fast 'n furious, Mr 'n Mrs 55....You get the drift...

My Phobias
- I am mildly claustrophobic....I hate gyms, crowds, window seats, in between window and aisle seats, and trains.

Pet peeves
- Unhygienic places
- People who invade personal space
- Suck ups and sweet talkers

So that's me, or atleast a part of me....want to know more? Drop me a query, and I'll try my best to answer your questions about me :)


LaelShine said...

Hahaha I totally understand, I myself am my favourite subject;p

Vindya Narsian-Krishnan said...

and that you are a coffee snob ;)

Rujuta said...

Vindya - what can I say, i love my coffees :D

nikhil karira said...

oh!! thanks for letting us know,,,didnt know all this :P

Rujuta said...

now u do :P