Thursday, May 12, 2011

A cake for vegetarians

So I finally baked a cake today, after almost a month!

My dear friend V shared this vegetarian cake recipe with me sometime back and Ive been dying to try it, just because it adds baking soda right at the start, while most recipes Ive worked with, add it as the last ingredient along with flour just so the bubbles dont break by mixing.

The original recipe is here . I wasnt at all disappointed with the outcome. The cake is flavorful and moist, and inspite of the oil, you dont miss the flavor of butter. The cake actually does rise, though I do want to see what happens if I add the baking soda along with the flour.

I did make a few changes though :

- I added a tablespoon of cream cheese, for no apparent reason. I had cream cheese, I added it. It's always safer to add cream cheese to ANYTHING.
- I added around 2-3 tablespoons of blueberry preserve. I love the way it colors everything blue.
- I kept the oven temperature constant at 175 C.

Some pics...

That's my new springform pan, It has both bundt and flat plates. I waited 3 months to use it. I love it!!

That color is so pretty!! I ate the batter too, It was sweet, and totally uncalled for. I have a weird liking for raw flour I think.

That's ready...look at those cute berries peeking out :)

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