Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snapshots from Saurashtra...Part 2(Porbander, Dwaraka and Rajkot)

Porbander....dotted with shops, all closed (on Sundays)

The town square, with Mahatma Gandhi at the center..

His birth place
Beautiful three storeyed house

The temple at Dwaraka

Heading to Bet Dwaraka....the boats are packed!!

Hardly any space to move...

Watson Museum - Rajkot

Colorful wares at Rajkot Market

*Special Mentions and Comments
The Sarovar Portico hotel is currently the best place to stay at, in Rajkot. The staff is courteous and helpful. It's more than value for money and is worth staying for just their breakfast spread which has over 60 delectable items, including gujurati, north indian, south indian and continental food.

Do eat the "Paatis"(patty) at any good local "chiwda wala" - These are small fresh kachori type finger snacks stuffed with potato. 

The crystal collection at Watson Museum is extensive and beautiful.  

Definitely AVOID staying at Dwaraka Residency in Dwaraka. The staff is rude, the rooms are quite small and unclean and most probably you'll pay for one type of room and get totally another room. They also knock on the doors at midnight hours asking if there are any cups in the room.

Beware of the priests at Dwarka, who will try to guide you and extort money..the best way is to firmly and politely decline their help. Go to Dwaraka only if you want to see the temple, there is nothing else there worth seeing. I went with the hope of seeing some excavated ruins, but most of them are underwater and unaccessible.

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