Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snapshots from Saurashtra...Part 1 (Junagadh, Gir and Veraval)

A Vav(deep well) at Junagadh fort. It's one of the earliest known Vavs and is cut from a single rock.

A Bavdi...(smaller well)

We spotted a Neel Gai at Gir quietly grazing. (Asian Antelope) It looks like a cross between a cow and a deer.

And lions, lazing around in the sun..

Really lazing...and yawning...

Black bucks in a herd at a distance..

A Boat being built at Veraval..

 Veraval is a fishing town, and small modified bikes transport fresh fish to various fisheries and markets

The road is spotted with Windmills silently and majestically harnessing Wind energy(Most of them are Suzlon mills)

*Special Mentions

The Amidhara Resort at Gir is beautiful. It's not too fancy and is quite simple, but there is a lot to do there, and is extremely clean. It has basket ball courts, a well equipped gym, pool and also indoor sports. The staff at Amidhara is warm, friendly, and will force feed you till you almost burst. (Watch out for the post on Kathiyawadi food)

If you have enough time, visit the Girnar mountain. It is a long climb, around 7000 steps or so. We only saw the base of the mountain and came back because we were short of time.

AVOID taking a guide at Junagadh. He will most probably talk extremely loudly and give you all sorts of wrong information.There are enough signs and information in the fort itself to explore it for yourself.

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