Monday, February 10, 2014


She walked on the pavement
Cold dust in her face
The autumn leaves swirled listlessly
With the desolation she felt

Life felt so empty,
no meaning to it all
a cruel twisted fate
slaved to an arid desert land

The seasons driven by passions
Like bright eclipsing stars
Technicolor dreams
on the wasteland dark

Sometimes, it all seems so pointless, the existence of humanity, our clinging to daily routines, desires, our passions
A sudden loss or going away of strong emotions creates a void that scars the soul, until another illusion comes along, of joy. Every single illusion is stronger, and more destructive...


Minisushi said...

Very beautiful. :) I totally understand what you mean, "existence of humanity...pointless", and the part where we cling to our daily routines and desires.

Rujuta said...

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

The sole purpose of the universe is actually to help us find that one answer about ourselves. We are like the experiment the mice ran (in hitchhikers guide) except we are both the subjects & the observers!

Rujuta said...

Sometimes I think it's like that phone booth on that deserted planet in hitchhikers

Aadil said...

Maybe the pointlessness is the illusion.

Unknown said...

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