Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aamhi Puneri :)

And finally im back to work, and back to blogging.....
I have had a lot of really weird and funny experiences in Pune already(in 2 weeks), and Im still trying to get used to the way people think, talk and behave.
Its a cute little city, where fair minded people fairly mind their business, well, most of the times.
It doesnt have the exciting scent and pulse of money as in bombay, so it is more like a chilled out, student life city.
Inspite of the mindbogglingly big IT parks, people still lounge around, generally doing nothing, never in a hurry, and always ready for a prolonged chit chat about life and things and the beauty of the marathi language.
its not all hunky dory though, because sometimes the lazy environment can be a bit frustrating for bombayites like me, who expect food to be banged on the table the second after it is ordered.
Im also a bit frustrated and angry about dealing with slinky brokers who find every other dump a cause for huge brokerage. I sorely miss having a car, because the public transport is really not upto the amount of people and frequency with which they travel.

In any case,Im currently at peace here...and just soaking in the beauty of the perfect clash between the next gen and the old world. Will let y'all know when i stop being amused by it :D

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