Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Music - finally...

Finally I can listen to music while work...
Its due to my new phone....the Sony Ericsson walkman phone...and nothing beats the sound quality of the radio on this phone....

Im also happy to use the SE interface again, I hated the motorola one. Never using any other brand again, until I actually earn enough to buy the O2 XDA.

So im finally cut off from the outside world even in a place full of noise.....and listening to Alvida at full volume.....now I can work :)))

How I got the new phone:
I lost the Motorola one

Inventory of stuff I lost over the last month:
1. The earphones of the motorola phone(Goa)
2.A fossil wrist watch(Goa) - incidently this is the third wrist watch ive lost in 3 years
3.The motorola phone itself(Bombay) - this is the 2nd phone Ive lost in 6 months
4. The really cute beads necklace i got from Goa(Bombay)

Im getting worse by the day apparently :(((


Anonymous said...

hmmm i knew u were a loser.. ;)...just kidding.. so u can actually blog and chat from office huh? thats nice.. we can blog but not chat..so sad... all the best ... and keep blogging..

Deepak Deshpande (DD)

Rujuta said...

Not chat just blog :((

everything that can be blocked is blocked :((
we even have a time window for mailing....

Viren said...

welcome back... hope u get a chance to lose something else soon... :)