Thursday, June 07, 2007

Proud to be an Indian...

We can endlessly worry and create riots about :

1. Big B, AB and that order

2. Our female stars. No one can can give them a peck and get away with it

3. our glamorous IT industry

4. Who gets what OBC status and reservation benefits(Its a small point to be ignored that it reinforces the Casteism that the government is so valiantly trying to eliminate)

5. Rakhi Sawant's scandals

6. Who will be the next Indian Idol

7. Racial comments against a certain Ms. Shetty

8. Celebrating Jayanti's by loud music

9. Iron statues that need to be protected against desecration, though they r normally protected by taking other people's lives...but lives are a dime a dozen, statues are more expensive.

10. Cricket and BCCI selection, Sania Mirza

We dont care a damn about

1. All the beautiful farms and heritage sites that are razed down to build residential monstroties

2. Global Warming

3. Our golden beaches and mysterious forests and hills. After all what more harm can one more piece of a coke can do? (who cares about forests??Statues-- now those are real important)

4. Lack of funding for any kind of research beneficial to mankind. The same principle of lives being a dime a dozen.

5. Infrastructure and proper roads, after all if bullock carts could manage dirt trails, so can we

6. Corruption

7. Racial comments and sexist comments in work places, after all we are not stars...we are mature enough to handle them

8. Politicians and stars with felony charges

9. Security of the common man in public places and transport, since the police have more important things to do, like provide Z security for corrupt politicians and film stars(who can afford their own security, but still like freebies). bomb blasts in trains are common, whats with the loss of a few dozen lives here and there.

11. Acrobatics, swimming and other obscure sports, no sponsorship, so we dont bother, we are all fine business minded people.

As I always say,
We are proud to be Indian....


Mihir said...

4. Who gets what OBC status and reservation benefits(Its a small point to be ignored that it reinforces the Casteism that the government is so valiantly trying to eliminate)

welcome back -finally u have resumed writing after 2 months. ur blog remians a compelling read as long as it does not get into value judgements like the one made above. without getting into the merits and demerits of the reservation debate,the objective was never to end casteism -it is more about positive discrimination and providing opportunities for correcting historical wrongs. put yourself in the shoes of a dalit family,am sure you will come across many in your vicinity,(just beyond the shiny city of Magarpatta or in the bylanes of parle-matunga-dadar, and u shall feel the anger pent up up over centuries. there is no other way which can prima facie resolve the situation to a better end - of course it is not a panacea but still as of today it is the best alternative available. what riles me is the moral high ground which we (educated elite from IIMs-IITs and RECs)take over perceived notions of injustice. Is this not "elite capture" of a non-mass movement???
As a maharshtrain brahmin, as a Punekar & as a professional working with foreign developmental bank,I feel frustrated at the gross inequity so steeped in society. Let us not have a condescending attitude and trivialise the issue.

Rujuta said...

Thanks for missing my posts :)
I was talking about the recent Gujjur clashes invoked by politicians for extra votes. Most of these clashes are very much avoidable, and the money destroyed in the aftermath can be used for rehabilation or better facilities.
I dont believe in casteism, or reservation for that matter but thats another endless debate just causes a lot of money and human loss, as most of these sensitive issues are used to instigate people instead of galvanize people to better their living standard.
I totally agree with what you say and respect your views, but talking about the reservation, I also believe that hand holding should stop atleast after graduation.

Mihir said...

Thanks Rujuta - for the kind words. this issue evokes such extreme & immature resposnes, one needs to articulate it at a significant threat to limb and life (hahaha).

Enjoy my home town (Pune)-as long as you are here. the harsh/hard people and summers of Delhi remind me of the lines below-

"We look before and after ,and pine for what is not,
our sincerest laughter with some pain is fraught,
our sweetest songs are those that tell of our saddest thoughts"

(the morose/mundane world of international banking rarely offers an opportunity to wax eloquence -so even at the cost of boring others to death ...)