Thursday, November 26, 2009

The stranger in the mirror

I looked at her and wondered,
transfixed by her eyes;

glowing with the soul of aeons,
the piercing impersonal light.

The face was just a mask I knew
of who she chose to be;

And as I stared I saw a glimpse
of the stranger that was me.


Practical Preacher said...

Well we all have a face
That we hide away for ever.
And we take it out and show ourselves
When everyone has gone.

..... Billy Joel


Abhishek Bhide said...

How snobbish!- I can't post a comment on 1 of your other blogs and can't even read the 3rd!
This poem is quite good btw.

Rujuta said...

@bhide - What's so surprising?? I am snobbish :)
Anyway, the band blog should now allow comments to be posted, and the 3rd blog is not for public viewing, as I'm trying to merge it with this one!!

And look who's talking about snobbish..."quite" good it seems :)
Thanks :)