Thursday, October 07, 2010


Don't want to wake up in the morning,I'm not prepared to face the day
My nerves are still frazzled by the stress of yesterday

No time for breakfast or tea, or healthy calories
I should stay at home, but I need the salary

That's when I see it(like every other day)
I tell myself I wont do it again,
That I'm addicted and it would hurt me in the end

my feet stop on their own, my nerves set up a clamor
you know what can sooth us babe, dont you want to feel better?

I argue for a second, but I know what I'm gonna do
I can't resist that pharmacy, it virtually glows

My mind chides me all along,but I walk up anyway,
I shove down the guilt and whisper "Ek cadbury dena please"
(English translation : A cadbury chocolate please)


Sreeja said...

Nice poem Ruj! I'm with you on this one...addicted and can't stop. :)

Rujuta said...

hhahaha, I know the feeling very well :O

cathy said...

great poem,i know the feeling as well.

Rujuta said...


Eva said...

nice poem.. =)

Unknown said...

nice writing

Unknown said...


nikhil karira said...


Rujuta said...

Thanks :)