Sunday, May 18, 2014

The human condition...

This is a strange phrase...."the human condition"; typically used by philosophers, either to define the deplorable spiritual state of humans or to paint a dark picture of how humans are caught up in their own web of sorrow and suffering

For me the meaning is the state of the collective soul, a soul that is still a fledgling and not allowed to develop , or to be more philosophically correct, to manifest. This is most evident when you stand back or travel to a different country, where you are forced to be the audience, and you see people as a mass, and not as individuals you react with. You immediately get a sense of how the "mass" suffers, you see a dreary depressing reality, people almost like automatons, running through life, with a weird inhuman force or compulsion that makes them go through the motions day in and day out.

Life almost becomes a repetitive script written by an unseen hand that's not quite divine, but not quite human. And that unseen hand is the mind. It programs the body, drives life, and creates a veil of security that in singular rare moments of reflection feels "odd", like chains shackling something more important. But we do not investigate, we are slaves to our own minds, we are lulled into sleep so that the mind can exist at the cost of suppressing the soul.

And that according to me is the human condition, a malady more than a condition, where we pervert our naturally curious minds outwards, to take unholy pleasures in others sufferings; instead of using this nature of discovery to discover who we really are; and what we can be.


ivanhoe30 said...

There seems to be a sense of belonging that an individual experiences as a constituent of that collective soul. This feeling probably compensates for the monotony and the disconcerting disconnect with his own soul that an individual typically experiences. He chooses a side in the trade off. This behaviour is probably innate (The third need in Maslow’s hierarchy theory )

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